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Comeriver Coding Club Is A Community Of Individuals Who Are Learning To Use Computer Codes To Solve Complex Problems.

Tech Mentorship Features



The program will avail you:

1. Guidance on programming language/platform choices
2. Career path choices
3. Sourcing/provision of Digital Study Materials
4. Weekly accountability sessions
5. First-to-get career opportunities
6. Direct access to a stream of coaches/trainers
7. Free tickets to premium events/platforms


Cost Requirements



Age 5 - 12: (Costs 5k per month)

Age 13 - 26: (Costs 5k per month)

Age 27+: (Costs 10k per month)


Also required: 

=> A Computer, Smartphone or Tablet 

=> Internet connection

Location is not a barrier - all sessions are online.  

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Do you want to move your career forward? Would you like to develop your software development & tech skills as well as learn, grow, and improve your skills? Or would you like to find someone who can help you do these things? You can. Through this mentoring program.