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Comeriver Coding Club Is A Community Of Individuals Who Are Learning To Use Computer Codes To Solve Complex Problems.

Coding Peer Group


We do not leave you to yourself. It is one thing to take time to learn, it is another thing for members to know them by heart. The accountability session is to go over the whole week outline, review all assignments and get feedbacks from memebers.

This was put in place to aid valuable improvent from member to member and member to Mentor/ Trainers.



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Coding skills have never been more in-demand. Learn everything you need to take your career to the next level. Learn how to code or build your skills in programming online to gain a better understanding of how websites and apps are made



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It is evident; almost all newbies want to learn to code. But if you ask them which aspect of coding are they interested in; is it web app development, website development, or software development, they don't know which to go select. At ComeRiver Coding club, we have experts that will guide you and help you pick the best career that suits you.



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Coding can be challenging, especially to beginners. Having a more experienced guide who has overcome the same problems you're facing provides an inspiring example to follow. They can be a treasure trove of useful tips — on coding, and on navigating a career path in the tech industry. A good mentor can do a lot in your career life, and every of the mentor's action help reshapes you and prepare you for challenges to come. Having a good mentor could help you accomplish your profession...