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Why Should You Learn Coding?



Taking an in-depth look into the world we live in, it is filled with computers! They have revolutionized the way we interact with our surroundings


So everywhere you look, you see a computer – a phone, a laptop, a car, and more. What they all have in common is the language they speak. It’s the language of computer code. No matter how simple or complex a digital device is, its functionalities and features are based on code running on the inside.


Well, all of these devices need to be programmed to perform their various tasks. So, understanding computer code is just about the best possible skill you can learn these days in terms of boosting your career.


Not only is the world of tech-filled with jobs and income opportunities, but learning coding is also much fun!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider learning CODING.




What’s so great about computers is that they are great at doing tedious and repetitive tasks for us. They never get tired, they never complain about how boring their jobs are, and they never make mistakes.


Therefore, harnessing the power of a computer by writing your programs allows you to spend your time on more productive and sensible tasks.


Here is a catch: most of the task we do at work is often repetitive, check your emails, write some reports manage few files and all sort of assignment. Now, the news is all these tasks can be automated; all it takes are just a few lines of code!


In short, you can do many works in a few times and with less error with some programming skill.




If you’ve already started learning to program, you’ve lreprobably heard this one aady.


Coding is about solving problems. That’s the essence of writing computer programs: they should solve problems for us.


Therefore, learning to code will make you a better problem solver in general!


Learning programming will not just give you technical skills. It will teach you a whole new way of approaching your work.


Knowing how to solve problems in a structured way is the very core of coding:

1.     First, you will be forced to start with a solid plan,

2.     Secondly, you’ll identify key potential areas for errors, and

3.     Thirdly, you will work towards your goal step by step.


Moreover, you will pay more attention to detail, merely delivering better results—every time.




There aren’t too many fields or industries where you can put your technical and creative skills together so seamlessly as in programming.


If you enjoy and do an excellent job at both, learning how to code will open some doors for you in the future. 


Since coding is all about identifying problems and solving them in new ways, you will find yourself developing new solutions daily.


And what’s even better: Each day is different from the other, so it never gets boring.




I already mentioned that coding is like a superpower. And here’s why: Knowing how to code gives you so many opportunities to start your own business based on your new tech skills, such as:


· Creating an online publication


· Establishing an online shop


· Starting your web design agency


· Building mobile applications


· Offering coding courses and tutoring online


· Reviewing products on your website and earning ad income


· Selling licences for media, e.g. as a professional photographer


The options are almost endless. And what’s even better is that there’s a lot of demand for all of these areas online.


All you need is a good plan. Know what you want to achieve, figure out the tools you need to learn and get started!





Are you learning to program to start a career as a developer? Take my advice: the right time to start learning to code is NOW.


The demand for professional developers has been on the rise for years now. Not meaning to be an economist here or anything, but whenever the need for employees is high, they usually have the upper hand.


So, if you know how to deliver value to a potential employer, you’re most likely to get hired (right away). That’s all you need to do.


Learning to code can, therefore, open up an entire world of new opportunities for your career-wise.


Whether it’s moving up the career ladder or taking on new projects, investing a few bucks in learning programming skills will pay itself back in no time.


Knowing even the very basics of front-end development, for example, will give you a competitive edge in the job market, making you a more appealing candidate for a variety of positions these days.


What I mean by diverse job opportunities is that you can not only work for a company as an employee, but you can also do freelancing, start your own business, or work part-time as a developer while keeping your day job.


This might sound a bit exaggerated, but learning web development is almost like insurance against unemployment in the future.


The whole world is online, and companies need to have a substantial online presence, no matter how big, or small they are.


So, if you’re interested in creating remarkable web experiences, I’d recommend starting with the basics of web development right away. As long as you have a clear goal in your mind (“I want to become a professional web developer!”), you can start making money quicker than you think.






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