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Coding can be challenging, especially to beginners. Having a more experienced guide who has overcome the same problems you're facing provides an inspiring example to follow. They can be a treasure trove of useful tips — on coding, and on navigating a career path in the tech industry. A good mentor can do a lot in your career life, and every of the mentor's action help reshapes you and prepare you for challenges to come.

Having a good mentor could help you accomplish your professional goals faster and boost your confidence a thousand time. The cool thing about Coding mentorship is that just like the actual work, it can be done anywhere. Finding a well-structured mentorship program is not easy unless you are with a company that has it.

We at COMERIVER CODING CLUB offers well-structured mentorship program that helps you get started and get there faster.



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Kids Coding Online Class in Progress

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We pride in having 12 mentors with diverse specializations



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Programming Languages

Focus on 5 Programming Languages and contructs